Persuite Of Nolij!

Started a new painting last night. I am not 100% decided on what colour to use for the body – probably going to go with varying amounts of Burnt Sienna and Titanium White rather than trying in vain to mix an accurate flesh colour with Yellow Ochre and tiny bits of blue and red. Burnt Sienna is the lazy man’s automatic flesh tone, pretty much, but on its own it’s kind of translucent. If you spread a layer of Burnt Sienna on top of another colour, the other colour shows through. Mixing it with a nice, thick white makes it nice and opaque and more or less flesh-coloured. I’m thinking I will use that as a base and then layer a bunch of glazes over top to make it glow. I want to try that kind of effect, I’ve seen it used in interesting ways by others but haven’t gotten it to work properly yet myself. Drying time is a factor – oily glazes take forever to dry, and while the thing is drying, you can’t do anything with it except wait. You can’t apply another coat until the most recent one is dry. I think the painting I will work on while that one is drying will use vivid purples and greens for the body. Not sure how it will work, but I want to use the two contrasting colours together for the figure – maybe the purple will be the “highlights” colour and the green will be the shadows. Or purple will be the left side and green will be the right. I dunno yet, gonna have to plan it out and see. Using two different colours together like that can add some interesting depth.



Today’s photo: a frog. Relevance: it is green.


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