Leaven Well-Enuff ALOAN!?

Teh Good Partz!

Teh Good Partz!

What happens is, you work and work and work on a thing, trying to make it better and better because there’s always that one little thing that you know isn’t perfect. So you keep at it and twiddle away and tweak and modify and add, add, add. And what eventually happens is, either you end up with this perfect thing that’s beautiful, or a horrid frickin’ mess that you should have stopped screwing around with hours ago.  This painting is the second one. When I had a big, dark tree in the foreground with the sunlight blaring through the gaps in the branches, that was good. It looks awesome and powerful and yet also tranquil. Then I fucked it up by slathering too much fail over that power.

This is the good half of the painting. The right side, which is cut off, is made of fail. I’m tempted to physically cut the canvas and re-stretch it on a new, square frame.


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