Edwerd "Sedrick Diggery" Colon

Ed-derp Colon

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Dragons are horribly misused in fantasy adventure stories and RPGs. There are a few good writers out there who use them sensibly, but a lot of writers basically ignore what a dragon really is, and just shoehorn it into a story in a way that makes no ecological sense. Continue reading

Crayze Old Punxx!?

John Lydon is one of my personal heroes. As the singer for the Sex Pistols in the 70s, he redefined what music could be. Now that he’s older and has weird warts on his face, he’s able to cash in on his youthful fame and continues to be blunt, irreverent and keenly intelligent underneath the leering eyeballs. Back in the 70s, he trolled the shit out of the media before anyone knew what a troll was. He would vacillate between dodgy and frank – in some interviews he would smirk and avoid giving direct answers, and in others he would make very glib observations about politics and the media that people found shocking as hell. When he formed Public Image Limited, the band itself was a troll-y statement on pop music – we’re not a music band, we’re a business that sells image and nothing else. He has always been difficult towards TV interviewers – bumming smokes off of Larry King during interviews, cussing out the guy from Much Music and walking out of the room. He’s never shy about turning the camera back on the media and calling bullshit when he sees it.

Jonny Rottin!?

Jonny Rottin!?

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Dark Vadar!?!?

Latest painting…

Darth Vadar.

Darth Vadar.

I wanted an awesome Darth Vader action picture. Those are harder to find than you would imagine, mostly he’s just standing there being menacing or occasionally holding his lightsaber in a threatening manner. Pictures of Vader doing ninja-leap attacks with his cape flaring around like Batman are much harder to find. So here’s my contribution to that.

Anuther Nood Ladey



Harkening back to this past summer… this is one of my first oil paintings. Like… probably the third or fourth one. Before I started doing these in summer 2012, I hadn’t tried painting with oils since high school in the very early 90s, and I hadn’t painted much at all since college in the mid-90s. Relearning the process of painting was something I very much enjoyed, and this painting taught me a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Vivid contrasting lines following the ¬†surface contours of the bedsheets, for example, works very well. The green aurora over the yellow radiating contours over the figure, on a brown background – not so much. The effect is interesting, but not at all what I had envisioned when I started it.

The original photo is of a college friend who wanted something special to give to her boyfriend.

Slaking Of….

Sheesh, gotta catch up on my PPDs. Missed 3 days in a row. I think the average is still good, because some days I post more than once, but I’d rather err on the side of caution and just do 3 today. So here is Titus Pullo partying hard.

Aintchint Roam.

Titis Pullow in Aintchint Roam.