All of the stories written here will take place on a continent called Arnsmul.  This is a “sword & sorcery” world modeled after innumerable other such worlds, with mythologies, creatures and cultures drawn from various medieval occidental and oriental lore.  There are European-style castles and governments and militaries, though these references will generally be very broad, indirect, or reworked to fit my own setting.

Magic plays an important role in society, as significant as technology and religion.  The Merle Chronicles will not have all that much magic in them, but other stories will deal with magic in some detail.  Magic is a strange and mysterious creature in Arnsmul, and its practitioners are figures of myth and legend: wandering mystics and wisemen who are at once reviled and worshipped.  These men commune with devils and spirits, and have the ability to shape the elements with fleeting gestures and strange incantations.  Most magic is quite subtle, and a great many people know at least a few minor feits and spells.  True wizards, however, with the power to immolate their enemies in magical fire and conjure up great demons from the Hells, are rare indeed.



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