Religions of Arnsmul


Human gods:
(Western kingdom’s main religion)

Ido – Father/Mother of the Gods, Creator of the Universe

Eronn – God of Humankind, governing love, compassion, order and peace

Yxith – God of Humankind, governing anger, passion, chaos and war

Ido is worshipped by some “humanized” hobs, orcs and elves.
Eronn & Yxith are not typically worshipped by non-humans, but there are some exceptions.
Many people embrace the idea that Eronn embodies good and Yxith embodies evil.
In a broader sense, the two gods represent the balance of forces in human nature – Yin and Yang.

Hob gods are based on the family. The major gods are the parental figures, the Mothers and the Fathers.
Archaic hob names ended in “-all” for males and “-ell” for females. This is no longer the practice.
Jullavall/Jullavell is a hermaphroditic god, as the task of instruction is neither inherently masculine nor inherently feminine. The gender of the god depends on the gender of the person receiving instruction.
The name used depends on the speaker and the context of its usage.
The gods are embodied in constellations of stars.

Gallerall the Disciplinarian

Jallabell the Provider

Allewall the Protector

Jullavall/Jullavell the Instructor

Kollabell the Nurturer


Gudakh is not a god, but he is sometimes worshipped and praised in a religious fashion. The Axioms of Gudakh is considered by some scholars to be a holy text, and many orcs treat these laws as though it were a religious code.
Orcs have gods for every aspect of nature. They do not dare to name the gods for fear of earning their wrath. When an orc wishes to appeal to a god, he will instead name that particular god’s works. e.g. “O Pahk u’shoh, Pahk u’dira, Ude’i u’ghus, u’mi zehe!” (O Father of the winds, Father of the waves, Mover of the clouds, hear me/listen to me!)

All orc gods are male, except for the goddess of the menstrual cycle and childbirth.
The sun is believed to be the physical body of the god of fire, heat, light, spring and summer.
The moon is believed to be the physical body of the god of ice, cold, darkness, fall and winter.
The stars are believed to be the eyes of all the gods.


Very little is known of the religious beliefs/practices of the elves, save that they revere trees, wild animals and all celestial bodies. No one outside of elven society knows what they represent to the elves, as the elves are very secretive about their beliefs. It is known that they observe certain seasonal phenomena – Spring and Autumn Equinox, Summer and Winter Solstice, the first annual blooms of specific flowers from spring to autumn, the last leaf-falls of specific trees, winter freezes and some other events – only because no elves are seen by non-elves on these days.


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