Docter Wat!?

A pair of recent Doctor Who paintings. The image of the 10th Doctor comes from the episode 42. The one of 11 looks like it might be from The Pandorica Opens, but I’m not 100% sure on that one.



Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones

Docter WAT!?

Tenth Doctor is my favorite, hands down. Eleventh Doctor is definitely very alien in appearance, but he doesn’t have that mercurial temperament or the manic zest of Ten. At least he’s not a quirky goon like Nine. Nine is fine and all, and presents a much darker Doctor. but once you get to Ten it’s hard to really appreciate anyone else in the role. David Tennant is awesome.

As far as companions, it’s difficult to measure who’s “best,” because what criteria are you using? Rose is possibly the most endearing character, Martha is far and away the most attractive but (sadly) wasn’t really all that interesting (the crush she bore diminished her character and made her seem weaker, after she started out so strong and interesting), Amy seems pretty awesome so far but I’m not all the way through the season yet. Donna is a joke. I hate Donna. Stupid Donna. Her grandfather was a better companion. He was actually kind of awesome. Top of the list for temporary companions.

Image is a commissioned painting I did for a friend. The painting is the thing that got me interested in the show.

Docter Whom!?


Grandolf party’s HARRDDD!!!1!

I did a painting of the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones for a buddy of mine, and the hours I spent working on the painting made me curious. So I started watching the show, beginning with the 2005 reboot starring Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor. Currently watching Season 3 (or as the Brits call it, Series 3) and enjoying the hell out of it. The Doctor is an awesome character. I never saw the old shows, but I’m certain that Douglas Adams (who wrote for the show for like a year back in the 70s) drew a lot of inspiration from the character when he was coming up with Ford Prefect. They are both manic and experienced space travellers with a fix-it-all super-tool (Doctor = sonic screwdriver, Ford = towel) who use “cool” to overcome situations where the wonder-tool doesn’t help.

I enjoyed the kind of dark, slightly gritty Eccelston Doctor. He was bizarre and manic, but he was also a dangerous sonofabitch with a brooding anger underneath his peppy, charming exterior. Tennant’s Doctor is much more intense and energetic. He still has that cold, dangerous streak in him, and he doesn’t shy away from violence when necessary, but he is a lot more magnetic and dynamic than Eccelston was. Eccelston was confident in the role and his character was less eccentric. Tennant is more mercurial and charming.

Pic of Gandalf is unrelated, but awesome.