Woarn Owt Brush’s

Woarn Owt Brush's

Lawl woarn owt brush’s

That last painting pretty much destroyed my brushes, and made me realize how insufficient my current brush selection is. I had to use my #0 brush for #1 and #2 jobs, and my already-worn-out #2 flat/brights where I should have used a round or filbert. Anyway, I need to replace all of them before I start my next painting. Gonna break my own taboo and shop online.

Hopefully the hint of nipple and bum of that previous image and my infrequent use of the F-word to express anger and /or frustration doesn’t earn me a “mature” tag. Nobody is reading this nonsense anyway so it doesn’t really matter if it does happen. But now that I have mentioned it and pointed it out, it’s much more likely to happen for two reasons:
1) people are so terrified of the notion that someone else might be offended by something and file a frivolous lawsuit that anything with the slightest potential to prove scandalous is, for lack of a better word, censored.
2) people are dicks, and if a person mentions a preference that a thing happen or not happen, the exact opposite will occur. Because some people think that sort of manufactured irony is hilarious.

I may need to add this to the Roolz…