Starwars Galerey!?

Been busy with paintings and games and stuff. I will have a few more posts coming over the weekend… I want to spread them out some.

This is a 3-piece series of A New Hope heroes. I wanted to combine elements of medieval “icon” paintings from like the 13th – 14th century with more modern techniques, and to present these hero characters as holy, iconic figures. I decided against the strange architectural elements from the medieval works in favor of simpler backgrounds, making the figure more prominent. Each of them bear the symbols of their station or their deeds, and each wears an expression that I wanted to capture as closely as possible because it evoked the spirit of that character for me.



Ok, the post-per-day thing lasted for over a month. That’s pretty good I guess, but I won’t be maintaining it. Can’t be bothered. But I shall continue to make regular posts, until I get bored of the whole thing and quit entirely. Which could happen at any time, so stay tuned!

Lawl Gaem Of Thornes!!!

Lawl Gaem Of Thornes!!!

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Slaking Of….

Sheesh, gotta catch up on my PPDs. Missed 3 days in a row. I think the average is still good, because some days I post more than once, but I’d rather err on the side of caution and just do 3 today. So here is Titus Pullo partying hard.

Aintchint Roam.

Titis Pullow in Aintchint Roam.


Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones

Docter WAT!?

Tenth Doctor is my favorite, hands down. Eleventh Doctor is definitely very alien in appearance, but he doesn’t have that mercurial temperament or the manic zest of Ten. At least he’s not a quirky goon like Nine. Nine is fine and all, and presents a much darker Doctor. but once you get to Ten it’s hard to really appreciate anyone else in the role. David Tennant is awesome.

As far as companions, it’s difficult to measure who’s “best,” because what criteria are you using? Rose is possibly the most endearing character, Martha is far and away the most attractive but (sadly) wasn’t really all that interesting (the crush she bore diminished her character and made her seem weaker, after she started out so strong and interesting), Amy seems pretty awesome so far but I’m not all the way through the season yet. Donna is a joke. I hate Donna. Stupid Donna. Her grandfather was a better companion. He was actually kind of awesome. Top of the list for temporary companions.

Image is a commissioned painting I did for a friend. The painting is the thing that got me interested in the show.