Moar Starwaers!?

These are actually earlier works than the Saint ones from the previous post. I did these last summer/early fall. They are all Empire Strikes Back characters, and they all appear to be in a very relaxed, calm, zen-like state of mind. This is the Zen-master series.


Starwars Galerey!?

Been busy with paintings and games and stuff. I will have a few more posts coming over the weekend… I want to spread them out some.

This is a 3-piece series of A New Hope heroes. I wanted to combine elements of medieval “icon” paintings from like the 13th – 14th century with more modern techniques, and to present these hero characters as holy, iconic figures. I decided against the strange architectural elements from the medieval works in favor of simpler backgrounds, making the figure more prominent. Each of them bear the symbols of their station or their deeds, and each wears an expression that I wanted to capture as closely as possible because it evoked the spirit of that character for me.

Dark Vadar!?!?

Latest painting…

Darth Vadar.

Darth Vadar.

I wanted an awesome Darth Vader action picture. Those are harder to find than you would imagine, mostly he’s just standing there being menacing or occasionally holding his lightsaber in a threatening manner. Pictures of Vader doing ninja-leap attacks with his cape flaring around like Batman are much harder to find. So here’s my contribution to that.